Structured, yet relaxed. Rapid, yet engaged. Professional, yet personal. Contemporary, yet authentic. Welcome to Rock Paper Catering!

It began as a single cafe in Moritzplatz and now Rock Paper Catering, having begun in 2014, has bled into a catering community that speaks one language and thrives to reach one common aim. The Rock Paper catering cohort stands for a service that is reliable, professional and is an all encompassing experience.

Owner and event manager, Diego Castellano, and head chef, Thomas Gotthardt, are the driving forces behind the prevalent contemporary event business. They use locally sourced, seasonally based and hand selected ingredients that make their, although rather simply focused dishes, flourish and ignite all the senses. The sourcing of their ingredients, both from local farmers, seasonal produce and contemporary prevalent elements, they are able to give birth to an ever evolving array of unique palate experiences and visually striking creations.

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